“One Day Manager” is among the most popular initiatives of Junior Achievement Bulgaria. It is held annually in more than 100 countries around the world. It always includes both senior government officials and well-established managers from all spheres of business and public life. These leaders initiate the professional orientation or realization of thousands of students and students around the world, while in return they are pleased with the experience and collaboration, as well as inspiration from the innovative and fresh ideas of motivated young people.

The colleagues embraced the idea and within a few days they organized everything. They prepared the announcements for their positions themselves, a program of the day and with great excitement welcomed the students. For most of the positions, three students applied. After careful selection, focusing on their motivation letters, seven students approved for Human Resources Manager, Financial Manager, Quality Manager, Financial Analyst, Head of Beek Office, and Chief of Stock were invited to the company on November 17th.

Once the students have become acquainted with the company’s business and manufacturing processes, sitting in the manager chair of their mentor, they have been able to experience the dynamics of the working process in a working company.

They witnessed the solving of real business case studies on customer satisfaction, financial expertise, and the role of human factor in acting quickly under pressure and urgency.

At the organized meeting with the Business Manager, they asked their questions about entrepreneurship.

The aim of the initiative is to enable young people to get early career guidance and acquire valuable skills for their future professional pathway and to host organizations to showcase their responsibility to develop the potential of young people in Bulgaria.

We from GlassCo secretly hope we sowed good seeds in the souls of these wonderful young people, and one day they sincerely want to see the world through the prism of entrepreneurship. Without fear, they will take risks because an entrepreneur is thinking, acting, constantly learning, possessing character and perseverance, which makes him a smith not only for his own destiny, but also for the people he will offer jobs in his business. But Even if they decide not to be entrepreneurs because entrepreneurship can never be an end in themselves, they will be able to maintain their enthusiasm and faith that things can happen, they will be experts in their lives and make informed choices.