Lacobel T

GLASSCO Ltd. now offers all 15 colours of Lacobel T

The glass as a material is constantly developing, proving that the options for its applications are numerous. Lacobel T is a unique toughenable painted glass, perfect both for the interior and exterior.

Lacobel T combines interesting colours and safety. The glass is strong, and withstands thermal shocks; it is resistant to the UV rays. This makes it perfect for the interior and exterior, answering the growing needs of processors, architects and consumers. Depending on the colour choice, with Lacobel T you can achieve a monochromatic, or on the contrary – a contrasting effect.

Business building in Hasselt, Belgium

Expo 200 Business Center Sofia, Bulgaria

The advantages of Lacobel T are undebatable. It allows processors to directly cut and toughen or heat-strengthen at their plant. This simplifies the production process and accelerates the delivery times to the clients. Other advantages are: Safety and security; Glossy appearance; Easy maintenance; The painted glass is eco-friendly.

With 15 colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless: Furniture – tables, shelves, display units, outdoor furniture; Doors – interior and exterior; Wall cladding – Kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms, hotels, offices, schools, shops; Facades – Shop fronts and spandrels.

True to innovation, Glassco Ltd. now offers all 15 colours of the toughenable painted glass Lacobel T.

Glassco Ltd. is certified to toughen Lacobel T by AGC. Our company has taken part in the realization of the following buildings: Expo 2000 Business Center Sofia, Bulgaria – Lacobel T, Zen Grey Ref 6005, 8 mm, Spandrel area.; Business building in Hasselt, Belgium – Lacobel T, Deep black Ref 8502, 6mm Spandrel area.

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