Quality Policy

In view of the current state of the environment, the management and the entire staff of “Glassco” Ltd. has directed their attention to the processing and trading in high-quality products (glass, mirrors and double-glazed windows) for the construction and furniture industry and their marketing under the name of “Glassco” Ltd. These products are made to meet the customers’ needs, to protect their interests and the interests of those interested in the company’s activities. In addition, we know that our  future and prosperity depends and is based on the trust of our customers, which we strive to earn.

Our mission

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by means of innovative solutions and high-quality products aimed at creating a diverse and beautiful world of glass.

For us, this means providing more value to our customers in terms of services, high-quality products, meeting the agreed deadlines. We are concentrating all our energy on ensuring that our customers get the product they want, with the quality they want and in the agreed deadline, at a fair market price.


All our activities and their results are aimed at constantly informing ourselves about the customers’ interest and achieving its fullest possible satisfaction as well as the achievement of our main goals:

1.Maintenance and development of a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 model and the accepted principles of the international standardization organization;

2.Establishing “Glassco” Ltd. as a preferred and reliable supplier;

3.Organizational development and establishing the company as an employer of choice;

4.Implementation of innovative products/services and technologies;

A guarantee for the fulfillment of our goals is the commitment of the management team of “Glassco” Ltd. to the following:

  1. Compliance with the regulatory and ISO 9001 requirements
  2. Maintaining and developing a high level of customer satisfaction
  3. Encouraging the participation of every single person to implement this our quality policy
  4. Maintaining and developing a high degree of satisfaction on part of the company’s personnel
  5. Provision of adequate resources, modern equipment and technologies to achieve the goals set.
  6. Achieving and maintaining efficient production
  7. Continuous improvement of the working conditions and taking measures to prevent life and health hazards and property damages
  8. Continuous maintenance, evaluation and improvement of the quality management system

I assign the Authorized Management Representative to monitor, manage, be responsible for and report on the status and development of the quality management system.

We believe in the strengths and abilities of all employees and specialists in “Glassco” Ltd. We value the contribution and encourage the participation of each person aimed at implementing our quality policy. All our resources, knowledge, skills, experience and ambitions give us the confidence that we can successfully fulfill our mission together.

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