Antibacterial glass

“GlassCo” is a reliable partner in the realization of a number of significant architectural projects in the country and abroad.

Over the last years “GlassCo” has successfully worked in partnership with hospitals, installing antibacterial glass in operating rooms, maternity and intensive care wards and other hospital areas.

The product was introduced to the market 5 years ago by AGC (AGC Flat Glass Europe) – and it is the first of its kind and still unique antibacterial solution made of glass. In the early years of life of this new product, it was incorporated in antibacterial protection of hospitals in Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Stara Zagora and Targovishte. For this short time Bulgaria has established itself as a leading user of antibacterial glass.

Thanks to our excellent partnership with leading Bulgarian architects, designers, and thanks to the active role of some of the best doctors in the country, the company continues working on projects where the antibacterial protection is a necessity and aesthetic vision is not unattainable luxury.

What is unique in this product?

Antibacterial glass is a product whose surface is covered with silver ions using special technology. Upon contact of bacteria with the silver coating, their metabolism is disrupted, their ability to multiply is destroyed, and their numbers fall very quickly. So within 24 hours they disappear almost completely (99% of most common bacteria in hospitals are destroyed within 24 hours of their contact with the antibacterial glass). These properties of the antibacterial glass operate around the clock and continuously, without the need for electricity, additional chemical treatment or any lateral interference. Tests of glass in specialized European laboratory show that the antibacterial effect can not be erased with the time of using. In this connection, AGC provides a 10 year warranty for antibacterial coating, which is one of the longest given for this kind of products.

The combination of aesthetic appearance of the glass and the unique characteristics of this antibacterial coverage become a benchmark product for use in all areas, requiring high levels of hygiene. Antibacterial glass is available in three versions.

  • AB Planibel – Float glass with anti-bacterial coating applied one-sided. Used to make the barrier glazing, as its special place in the division into two rooms, one of which required extremely high levels of sterility – for example in intensive care units, which need to have a visual control of the doctors.
  • AB Lacobel – A product that combines the beauty of tinted glass with the excellent protection of silver coating. It is used for interior walls in rooms that require maximum hygiene.
  • AB Mirox – Antibacterial mirror

Over the years of its existence, the antibacterial glass has established itself as an excellent product that fully covers the requirements for cleanliness. The application of this glass is diverse: spa centers, pharmacies, drugstores, medical centers, clinics and hospitals.

There are a lot of projects completed with antibacterial glass in Bulgaria, and “GlassCo” has taken part in the following:

Hospital “St. Ivan Rilski” – Stara Zagora. Here, antibacterial Lacobel has been used for first time in the world as  a complete antibacterial solution for operating rooms and maternity wards. For 5 years of using it, the glass shows excellent results and remains extremely positive experience for hospital staff.

Specialized Surgical Hospital-Papurov in Targovishte – two operating rooms are made with antibacterial glass of AGC .

At the moment the latest project in Bulgaria that has been completed is Hospital for Active Treatment – Ruse. The glass has been used to cover walls in maternity and operating rooms.


In 2011-2012, we completed the Ruse Multi-Profile Active Treatment Hospital. Antibacterial glass was applied on the walls in the maternity and operating rooms of the new OB/GYN complex – about 800 sq m. antibacterial Lacobel was installed in 12 operating halls.

In 2013, “Glasco” completed the new hospital “St. Ivan Rilski 2” (Trakia Park) – Stara Zagora. Here we mounted about 700 sq m of antibacterial Lacobel in 9 operating rooms.

We have also worked in the hospitals in Tutrakan and Burgas – Meden Rudnik.

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