LUXCLEAR® Protect anti-corrosion glass provides permanent protection against the corrosive effects of water, heat, and humidity that produce a dull, hazy and dirty appearance.

To eliminate the potential for surface corrosion, LUXCLEAR Protect features an invisible, highly durable, and permanent protective coating that is fused to the glass surface, providing corrosion protection for a crystal clear appearance that lasts a lifetime.


Frequent Uses

– Showers
– Baths
– Saunas
– Pools
– Sunrooms
– Car Washes

What’s so special about LUXCLEAR Protect?

  • Permanent anti-corrosion coating

– Prevents corrosion due to contaminants related to water, heat, and high humidity
– Coating is permanently fused with the glass so it lasts for the life of the product
– Invisible coating to maintain the optical properties of the glass

  • Factory-applied durable coating 

– Eliminates the need for labor-intensive aftermarket solutions, saving time and money
– Lasts the life of the product and does not require the hassle of re-application
– Industrial, quality-controlled application of the coating ensures durability, making handling and storage worry-free

  • Easy to clean

– Easy to keep the glass looking new with regular cleaning using traditional non-abrasive household cleaners

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