Insulated glass units


Modern, high-tech IGU line by LiSEC

  • Spacer bender;
  • Automatic glass filling station;
  • Automatic sealing robot.


Argon gas windows feature a sealed unit that is filled with gas between panes of glass to increase energy efficiency. This type of windows offer a lot of benefits: they minimize heat exchange through the window; reduce the possibility of condensation and frost; they can even block ultraviolet rays.


IGUs can be sealed with Silicone or Polyurethane.
Polyurethane is used for standard IGUs. Silicone is used for facades.


The spacer bar is used around the edge of a the sealed unit design, in double glazed units it separates the two panes of glass by a preset margin. In Glassco we use aluminium and plastic spacers.


Warm Edge spacer bars are made of an insulating plastic composite material that becomes a barrier to heat loss. Warm edge spacers reduce the amount of heat lost through the sealed unit. They keep the edge of the sealed unit warm, hence the name ‘warm edge’. As a result less heat is lost through the windows and heating bills are lower.