Explore the world of work

I study the world of work – visit GlassCo Ltd. – Targovishte

This week the training of 6-year-old students under the “Career Guidance System in School Education” project was a bit different than usual. The theme “I’m studying the world of work” implies knowledge and observation of a real job. Thanks to the friendly attitude of the management of GlassCo, our classroom has become a training hall in the company. Students watched a brief presentation about its structure and activity, visited the production workshops, and saw new, high-tech machines using glass. Ms. Petya Koleva and Ms. Stanislava Georgieva / former graduate of the Prof.N.Marinov Secondary School of Medicine / found the correct tone and managed to raise interest in the children with their fascinating narrative and interesting questions for which we sincerely thank them! The time spent there passed imperceptibly, and finally, every student left with the company’s advertising materials and a Christmas candle to make his childhood dream come true and in time to do what he dreams of now! We thank all those who work at GlassCo and want health and prosperity!

Maria Marcheva – head of the school

Stoyne Kalaidjiyski – Counselor