New technology for production of Smart Glass

The prototype of ”smart” glass has been presented by Harvard scientists.
For the creation of the new product the scientists have introduced a new technology.
“Smart” glass is mainly used in the construction and interior design business. The main difference in the material is the ability to control the optic property and translucency with the influence of the electrical charge and the influence of other outside conditions. The new product the American scientists have created works with silver nano wires, unevenly distributed in two plies elastic matter, between a sheet of plastic and glass.
Under the charge of electrical charge the nano wires “attract” towards each other, and this way it causes deformation to the elastic ply, and subsequently darkening of the smart glass.

The shade of darkening of the glass is regulated by the change to the electrical charge – the higher the charge, the less is the light transmission.

This kind of smart glass production is cheaper than the traditional technology using electro chemical reactions.
The nano wires scatter on the surface of the elastic matter – it is a simple process, which allows the “smart” glass to be used in big architect projects.
Now the scientists are planning to reduce the thickness of the elastic matter, and this way to adapt it to the standard energy sources.
Not too long ago, scientists from University of British Columbia have announced the production of a new technology, that will allow to simplify and widen the production of “smart” glass.
To change the light transmission the scientists have applied a thin ply of metal coating to the glass.