Glass ShowerGuard

No matter how you take care of your standard shower, over the time it changes. You can rub to the bone of your fingers by rubbing the glass, but they will never be so clean as the day of installation. This is because hard water, soap and detergents may damage, discolor and cause corrosion of the glass. In other words, everything you use to keep your lenses clean and shiny, it can make them look worse.

ShowerGuard windows are incredibly easy to clean and always remain beautiful.

ShowerGuardShowerGuard are glass with an innovative ion plating . The process of production, which uses carbon with a structure resembling a diamond coating becomes an integral part of the glass and prevents corrosion. This means that with minimal cleaning windows ShowerGuard will look just as beautiful as the day of purchase.

Corrosion is the main reason standard windows to attract and retain dirt.

showeglAccording to geological survey of EU, water in 55% of European homes is hard . This type of water contains many broken minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Over time they are deposited on glass, roughened surface and make it look dirty and unsupported, despite your constant attempts to clean it.

ShowerGuard resists corrosion and prevents retention of dirt.

Special protective coating of ShowerGuard is permanent, can not be washed off and protects the lens from scratches, moisture, soap, detergents and others. To keep your ShowerGuard always sparkling clean, needed minimum effort. All you need is a damp soft cloth or sponge and usual household cleaners.