Intelligent glass – ClimaGuard® EcoSun

Perfect energy balance

ClimaGuard® EcoSun is a product of advanced technology that ensures high light transmission, excellent thermal insulation (U value=1.0 W/m2K) and effective protection against solar radiation. The use of ClimaGuard® EcoSun in windows allows to enjoy sunlight and contributes to a feeling of comfort and well-being, whatever the outside temperature.

  • Efficient solar control: FS 38%
  • Excellent thermal insulation: Ug 1.0 W/(m2K)
  • Maximum transparency and luminosity: TL 70%

Features and Benefits

ClimaGuard® EcoSun is the perfect choice for renovation projects or new residential construction, where comfort, luminosity and energy management are desirable.

ClimaGuard® EcoSun differentiates between various wave-lengths of solar radiation: most of the infra-red radiation (which would otherwise heat the inside of the building) will be reflected, however it can still allow daylight to pass through almost unrestricted. In buildings where no air-conditioning is installed, ClimaGuard® EcoSun enhan-ces the feeling of comfort. Furthermore, in those buildings equipped with air-conditioning, ClimaGuard® EcoSun reduces its consumption cost.

Moreover, its low U value (1.0 W/m2K in standard double glazing) reduces the heating costs during cold winter. As it favors an increase in temperature of the inner glass, it enhances the comfort of your place.

ClimaGuard® EcoSun is a glass that reduces CO2 emissions providing a direct contribution to climate protection. It is compliant with the harshest environmental standards.

  • Incoming solar heat 100%
  • Total solar transmittance 38%
  • Heating energy loss 17%
  • Heating energy saving 83%

*Heating energy loss at single glazing=100%
Glazing: 6-16-4, ClimaGuard® EcoSun on #2, Argon 90%

Product Performance

Visible light Solar energy Solar factor (g) U-value (EN 673)
Transmission % Reflection outside % Reflection
inside %
Colour rendering index Direct
transmission %
outside %
Absorp. % EN 410 % Air [W/m²K] Argon 90% [W/m²K]
70 12 13 94 36 40 24 38 1.3 1.0

Glazing: 6-16-4, ClimaGuard® EcoSun on #2

The performance values shown are nominal and subject to variations due to manufacturing tolerances.